What our customers are saying:

It's SO easy to use! I love using OurLetter because I never forget to write. It has great reminders. Very fun & unique!
- Amber C.
It has been great fun keeping in touch with our family monthly. We are spread across the USA and it has really helped to keep our family close.
- Marilee L.
The reminders are great! Sad that I need reminders to keep in touch with some family members. The extra questions help to get info out of my family that I might not otherwise know.
- Cathleen C.
We are able to comunicate even at long distance and get to see the kids change as they grow up.
- Dora A
It is a very inexpensive and a good tool for families that are spread abroad.
- Latasha R:
OurLetter has been such a great and easy way for me to keep up with my family members. I not only learn about what's going on with those I don't speak with on a regular basis; I even get fun new details on the happenings I've already heard generally about. And since I neither scrapbook nor write regularly in a journal, I can assuage my guilt by at least sending off some photos and a few of the most important or funny details of our family's month. It takes so little time, and is so easy to do, with such great results.
- Christine M.
I've been in charge of family newsletters before I used OurLetter and it was really hard to coordinate everyone's responses. I had to re-word responses sometimes, and I felt like I was nagging members of my family to respond in time. I love that OurLetter reminds everyone to answer automatically and lets everyone answer questions themselves. OurLetter is so convenient and easy!
- Suzanne A.
Its fun and easy to use. It allows us to keep in touch better.
- Melissa W.
It has become a very important part of our family we look forward to finding out what is going on with the family each month.
- LaDonna P.
It keeps our family in touch with what's going on with people I am not as close to as I was when I was a kid.
- Vincent M.
I love that it is private and personal so that my family can share their lives.
- Greta
We all love sharing what is going on in each others' lives in stories and pictures!
- Paula K.
I love our family newsletter. Although our family is scattered across the country, I feel like I know what's going on with my five brothers and sisters, each month.
I stay up late on the last day of the month so that I can read the newsletter right when it comes out. It has really brought our family closer together.

I love the email reminders I receive as the end of the month draws near. It's just not possible to forget to fill out my newsletter entry.

My kids love to see the pictures of their cousins and read about their latest adventures.
- Jennifer H.
Keeping in touch and knowing what's going on when everyone is to busy to call each other these days.
- Michelle M.
It has helped our very big family thats spread out over states to keep in touch!
- Melissa R.
Keeps the family up to date on events happening and special dates to remember.
- Gloria H.
It's been wonderful, easy to use and it keeps all of us updated on what's going on as we are all over the country and out of the country. Everyone seems to enjoy bringing up old memories and sharing their thoughts on life.
- Judy S.
One of my happiest moments every month comes when I open the family newsletter. Even the younger grandchildren want to see the photos.
- Marva L.
It's a great way to communicate and build a family history!
- Brenda T.
OurLetter is great. It can keep us in touch and keep things private.
- Jared H.
We have a central place to gather and discuss whatever. It's fun to bat it back and forth between months.
- Kris U.
I like that it's a private way to keep in touch with just family and not worry about everyone on the internet looking at it too.
- Krystal
Unlike Facebook or Myspace which are crowded with the distractions of other non-family members and annoying apps invites constantly, OurLetter allows us to have our own private site for just our family to stay connected. It has allowed us to get back in touch with family members that we haven't been in touch with for YEARS! We ALL love it! Thank you OurLetter! :)
- Lolly F.
Keeps our family in touch since we are miles away.
- Kathy G.
We get a chance to share what is going on - new photos, etc..
- Leeza L.
Yes, because we get creative with it, playing word games, posting pics, creating polls, posting family recipes and so forth, on the web site.
- Lisa C.
My nephew is serving over seas and the rest of us are scattered. My nephew does not have time on the computer to email all of us so when we hear from him it's on the family website.
- Gail H.