Family Website

Any family home should be a place the family wants to come back to.

  • Warm and comfortable. Inviting. Not too technical, not too bare.
  • Easy to use. No unexpected twists and turns where new visitors might lose themselves.
  • Completely without ads. Nobody wants a sales pitch at a family gathering.
  • Private. Password protected for your safety.
  • Safe. Everything in your site is preserved in multiple archives.
  • Full of things you love. Family pictures. Messages from loved ones. Links to your family's sites.
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OurLetter has a plan for your family to keep in better touch with each other. It's a family newsletter that keeps your website fresh by bringing everybody back at least once a month:

  1. Every month the family gets a short quiz to answer about their life.
  2. They answer the quiz and upload photos if they like.
  3. The answers and pictures are packaged into a newsletter.

It gives you a great place to get your family together on the Internet and a plan to bring them there.