How much does OurLetter cost?

It costs $4 per month for a site that can be used by your entire family (up to 50 people).

Will others be able to access our family information?

No. Your family website will only be visible to family members who have been given permission to get in. Your entire site is password protected.

Will OurLetter store our past issues?

All of your past issues will be stored permanently for as long as you have an OurLetter site. Multiple backups of your information will be stored in secure locations around the United States, so even in cases of web site trouble your information will be safely archived.

Are there any additional charges?

No, the $4 monthly fee pays for everyone in your family to use your newsletter—invite up to 50 people. There are no additional fees or charges.

What if I stop paying for OurLetter?

After an OurLetter site goes inactive all of the content will be kept for six months. During that time you have the option of starting the site up again at any time and resuming where you left off. After six months the site will be removed from our servers.

How does payment work?

Anyone can pay for additional months of your OurLetter at any time. If you run out of paid months a reminder will appear at the top of the site. Another month unpaid will lock up the website until somone makes an additional payment.

How are the newsletters stored?

Images and text for OurLetter sites is archived to Amazon's S3 storage service. On the Amazon sites it is archived in multiple locations throughout the US for safe keeping.

Can the OurLetter issues be delivered to people without Internet access?

The issues are formatted to be printed out on paper sent by email.