Family History: OurLetter makes family history easy, social and fun.

Step One. Sign up for your OurLetter. You'll get a family home online with photo galleries, address book, discussions, calendar, files and links.

Step Two. Every month each member of your family will get an email reminder that its time for a new issue.

Step Three. Everyone will answer a short quiz about their lives (questions can be traditional, like "How was your month?", or fun, like "What movies have you seen lately?", "How's school?", "What do you usually eat for breakfast?"—ask anything you like!)

Step Four. Everyone can add pictures to the newsletter if they like.

Step Five. On publication day you will all receive a finished family newsletter that brings you everyone's lives in words and pictures.

It's free for 30 days! Enter your family's name here:

The real magic happens over time.

Two months and your family will be in the habit of responding. Three months and they'll be looking forward to every issue. Four months and you have a family tradition.

Soon everyone will realize the value of what they've built: a family history that snapshots every single month of your lives. It adds up to a treasury that they can keep the rest of their lives and pass on to their children.

Your history happens automatically as you share your lives with each other.

The plan makes it easy. And you can get the ball rolling in less time than it takes to write an email.